Additional Fiction Awards

The Little British Award  [Best one-shot short]














WINNER - Noble Defeat by DevonShea
“50 words and… ugh gets us right in the feels. Uther is a great character and you can just imagine him admitting defeat like this. Not in any other sense, though! Well written.”
















RUNNER-UP - "I Defy Prophesy and I am Going!" by protoneoromantic
“A heart-wrenching scene in the show and transferred to the page very well. In such few sentences, we could really feel the emotion here. Well written for 100 words, definitely better than anything we could come up with!”


The Epic Award  [Best long-fic/series]















WINNER - Masks by omphalos, Wolfling
“In "Masks" authors, Omphalus and Wolfling, brilliantly capture the underlying tenderness and affection of the Giles/Ethan ship. Their carefully honest characterization doesn't flinch from the darkness of their past, but reveals the best instincts beneath their worst excesses and convincingly hints at a bright future in which these two old rogues might finally make something besides trouble together.”
















RUNNER-UP - Free Fallin' by Skyson
“"Free Fallin'" by Skyson is a warm, humorous, and beautifully in character treatment of the Buffy/Giles post cannon ship.  Not only the two lovers, but all of the characters jump off the page, each being purely themselves in a way that makes their, often hilarious, interactions a joy to read.”


The Mystical Convergence Award  [Best crossover]















WINNER - Magic! The Genetic Opera by PhaedraZev
“This was a crossover that you just can’t put down. Shilo discovers her father’s secrets while she attends a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in such a vivid and fantastical way. Although these different universes are so different, it is such a treat to watch the story unfold. We found ourselves hooked, scared, surprised and impressed with the story and the combination of these two worlds. Great imagination on the author’s part, and must be awarded for that.”
















RUNNER-UP - Sunnydale by Nemainofthewater
“This story was so fun! Mixing a radio show (Cabin Pressure) with Buffy was very unique and a great nomination for this category. We have to appreciate the creativity of the author to put these two worlds together. Giles does get to be the pilot he has always wanted to be, even just for a moment. Don’t we all want Giles to live his dream, even just for a moment? Although this story is only 1,400 words, it does phenomenally at creating a full back story to how Giles got to this moment. This story showed lots of writing and editing skills and is a fun read, which is why it deserves to also be mentioned as a winner in this category.”


The Hydra Award  [Best multi-ASH]















WINNER - Headliners in Lost Vegas by protoneoromantic
“This follow-up to the author’s previous crossovers is an achievement in its own right, crafting a story around so many beloved characters that it’s a wonder how they keep themselves straight. The plot and setting is fun to sink your teeth into while you grin about the cheeky references to works we all know and enjoy, but the action of the story itself keeps you on the edge of your seat up until it’s all over.”
















RUNNER-UP - Camelot by Blind Magdalene
“This really fun premise shows us Buffy and Giles dropped into Uther’s Camelot. The crossover seemed plausible in the first place, with all the magic dynamics of the Buffyverse, and was very interesting to explore. The characterization and dialogue is spot-on and we really enjoyed the evolving relationship dynamics and parallels between Uther, Morgana, Giles, and Buffy.”

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