Art Awards

The Qu’est Ce Que J’ai Fait Award  [Best digital art]













WINNER - Three Giles banners in three different shades by 51kas81
“The character of Rupert Giles has so many interesting facets, and these banners focus on three of the most beautiful ones - Westbury!Giles, Dark Age!Giles and Wishverse!Giles. Lovingly put together with an eye for what makes Giles the complex character that he is, these works really deserve recognition. Especially the starry sky background of the first one creates a strikingly gorgeous aesthetic.”















RUNNER-UP - wallpapers & icons for various pairings SoG2018 by bordo
“These works nicely illustrate the variety of different relationships Giles shares with each of the characters in Buffy. Though the relationships displayed are some of many, looking at these made us remember how diverse, distinct, and rich all of his relationships are, and how they make him such a compelling character. The crispness of the images, and the use of texture and design elements to complement them, complete our enjoyment and pair well with the textures of Giles as a character.”


The Change Award  [Best manip]














WINNER - VAMP!GORDY by wakeupinacoma
“The fun of a good Manips lies in where it takes your imagination, in spite of canon. Even Tony was interested in seeing a vampire Giles and the idea is a guilty pleasure for many a Buffy fan. This work is no exception to that and despite knowing and loving canon Giles this manip instantly begs for a different story to be told. The image is well articulated and complete in its realisation: Giles as a vampire loosens his tie with a smooth flick of the wrist, casting off the familiar composure and social presentation. This inspires possibilities.”
















RUNNER-UP – ‘Giles in dark shirt and stubble’- Manips for SoG 2019 by 51kas81
“The skill of manips are in their subtilty, they don't stand out as a fabricated image, their form doesn't distract from the idea they're trying to communicate, the journey they ask you to take with them. This image does just that, it's subtle and attractive at first glance you wonder how you've never seen this image before.”

The Owning My Mistakes Award  [Best artwork]











WINNER - Rupert Giles in his Ripper Days by valentinabriski
“Glimpses into Giles' past are always exciting, and having a moment fleshed out like this is like catnip to us. This single picture feels like a whole story. The books, the candles, the symbols on the floor, we know exactly what's happening here, but the specifics are shrouded in mystery like the rest of the room is shrouded in darkness. Is he alone? Has he told anyone what he's doing? Is this still research or the real deal? It's such fun to let the mind wander. We also really love the art style, and the skillful way it plays with light and dark. A beautiful piece!”










RUNNER-UP - [Giles Sketch] by creativedragonez
“The most fascinating thing about this sketch is Giles' facial expression. We spent ages staring at it and getting so many feelings. There's a world of thoughts behind his pensive eyes, and the longer we look at it the more we feel our souls light up with love and sympathy for this man. Just a few sketchy lines, but perfectly placed - they capture his face masterfully.”


The Angels in Many Guises Award  [Fan favorite art]








WINNER - Rupert Giles in his Ripper Days by valentinabriski












RUNNER-UP - Here's to 20 Years of Slaying by dkdraws

                                                                                              All award banners made by Funforahermit.