Fiction Awards


The Watcher Watch Award  [Best gen., Giles]











WINNER - living, learning, watching, burning by rippergiles
“We chose this one as our favorite because all of us who love Giles, at some point, have wished we could be in Willow's shoes staying up all night in the library researching demons with Giles. This is my exact fantasy! I can’t believe someone wrote this. It is adorable and adds to the Giles fanfic community because it is an innocent fantasy we can all relate to. If you have ever crushed on a teacher before, this is relatable. I don't think I've seen anything like it. It is unique. The author does a really good job of capturing Willow’s feelings and portraying it realistically. EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ THIS.”













RUNNER-UP - Bad Habits by il_mio_capitano
“This was an insanely hard category to judge because this fanfic was also amazing. This could have easily been the winner. The writing and development of this fanfic was so good. We liked how the author managed to showcase the complicated relationship between Giles and Ethan from Ethan’s perspective. It felt genuine to Ethan’s character. We really haven't seen anyone write such a clear and believable Ethan voice before now and that is something we really appreciated about this story. And a cameo from Faith is always appreciated. This was a small moment in the comic book canon that just makes you chuckle. Our love of Ethan and Giles’s complicated relationship is enhanced by this story.”


The Twosome of Cuteness Award  [Best romance, Giles]











WINNER - Across the Pond by The_Eclectic_Bookworm
“This was a lovely story, and it got so much across with really sparse lines of prose and no lengthy explanations, which is impressive writing chops. We thought the passion and honesty from Jenny was brilliant. The perspective of being both angry and loving towards Giles at the same time was nicely balanced, and the end note that love is all about hard work brought it all together. The dialogue between Giles and Jenny was perfect and exactly them. We loved the fact this was as much about their marriage as it was about wanting to help everyone around them.”












RUNNER-UP - A New Name for Everything by punch_kicker15
“Giles and Willow adventuring around San Fran and seeing the sights was very well done, and we could see exactly why her schoolgirl crush came back! Perfect museum buddies. This felt very much like a direction that canon could have gone if it was books and not TV, where main characters temporarily being in a different city can work. The voices were very true to the originals. The way the romance progressed was also seamless and believable, with a nice balance between Giles-voice and Willow-voice. We especially liked how concerned Giles was about "holding her back". And finally, the return of Oz was great and you just knew he would smell Giles on her straight away!”


The Good Squirm Award  [Best smut, Giles]











WINNER - Hurricane Mitch by stuffandnonsense
“This story just blew us away (pardon the pun). How can so few words build a world so complete, so rich with background details? The pairing has a ton of potential, and especially under these unique circumstances, oh boy. (It's also one of our favourites, but shhh.) The excitement, the hotness, the magic! And then the shock at the end. Wow that hurt. We don't think we're ever gonna forget this story.”












RUNNER-UP - Amidst the Cherry Blossoms by Littleotter73
“There's so much to love about this!! The masterful writing and impeccable characterization, for one thing. The fun and the banter, the familiarity even after a long time apart, the unbeatable teamwork, the trust! The small doubts but unwavering support, the tension, the passion, the love! The good and healthy decisions, the maturity... we could go on! It's just all so Good, with a capital G. At first, we weren't sure if this was in the right category, but while the sex is only a small part of the whole story, it is very nearly perfect and certainly worth the wait. This fic left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling, and reminded us why we love Giles and Buffy and their dynamic so freaking much.”

The Dark Age Award  [Best dark, Giles]












WINNER - Sting by eurydice72
“We loved this alternative storyline fic, with vampire-Giles teaming up with his tormentor-turned-sire Angelus and them both turning on Buffy and her mom. The tension was well built and the ending unexpected. We only wish it had been longer so we could have more!”













RUNNER-UP - The Scapegoat by kindkit
“This story is compelling and drew us in in a way that made us uncomfortable- just as we believe it was supposed to. It has good writing that shows us Giles in a dark place, at a low point. The characterization was great, showing his former ability to resist and his present inner turmoil before giving into his baser desires with the first party who’ll have him. We also loved the comparison of Andrew to a younger, more innocent Ethan. This unusual pairing worked perfectly for this story and this category.”


The Rather British Award  [Best characterization, Giles]











WINNER - Lingering by JackalopingIntoTheVoid
“This was our favorite characterization of Giles because we think Giles is more than a man who cleans his glasses and drinks lots of tea. Also, writing a believable version of Ripper is challenging, especially since we only get a glimpse of him from two episodes. However, this author made it through flawlessly.  And although this was an award for the characterization of Giles, we must also point out this is also a cute story to cuddle up and read. Ripper and Jenny Calendar have such a unique and adorable dynamic. Some of our favorite quirks in their relationship we enjoyed include, correcting her Latin, setting 50 Shades on fire, and snuggling up on a sofa to watch Netflix. We could all vibe with this younger Giles. Great job, JackalopingIntoTheVoid, and thank you for creating such a fun and creative read! If any writers need help to improve their characterization of Giles, this is a great story of reference.”












RUNNER-UP - Mamihlapinatapei by Melacka
“Another great characterization, but this time of an older (possible) season 7 Giles. We like to applaud the fact that the author keeps a great characterization of Giles, even in a taboo and non-canon relationship. This is difficult to achieve, but this author pulls it off. Your heart melts when he hesitates to take a final step with Buffy and he immediately pulls away when the patio lights came on. This author’s use of gentle teasing was great. Although this award is for characterization, we would also like to point out that this story also replicates the humor from the show and it’s quite enjoyable. Honestly, we love the Buffy/Giles relationships. We want more!”


The You Were the One I Loved Award  [Fan favorite, Giles]














WINNER - Bad Habits by il_mio_capitano















RUNNER-UP - Tea for Two by Fabricdragon

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