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The Best Thing Since Rainbows Award  [Best gen., other]















WINNER - Embers by jedi_penguin
“This Manchild fic captured our hearts with its unusual mix of lightheartedness and depth. We loved the way the writing drew us into James’ mind. It’s a well-crafted and fun change of pace that stood out in this category.”















RUNNER-UP - Sara's Adventures in London by amy.ward.906
“This crossover fic drops you right into the action and constantly throws in new twists. It connects two of our favorite characters of Anthony’s, while still honoring their individual differences. The original character at the heart of the story is one we can empathize with even while focusing on the characters we already know and love.”

The Imagine You & Me Award  [Best romance, other]















WINNER - I Don't Like the Drugs (And the Drugs Don't Like Me) by stubbornbones
“We really enjoyed this well-written prequel. It showed us the pining innocence of Nathan and Marnie’s meeting and early time together that we never got to see in Repo. The setting of a school AU with different relationships between the canon characters was an interesting opportunity to explore them in new ways. Great work!”















RUNNER-UP - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena
“This crossover stood out in funny and unexpected ways. The exchanges between the well-voiced characters were humorous, and we enjoyed the little twist of the parallel relationships between Giles and the Prime Minister. We felt the script format approach was especially true to Little Britain’s style.”

The Gold Blend Award  [Best smut, other]















WINNER - Want/Hate by Erinyes_kiss
“Fabulous smut. Despite being unfamiliar with the tv series, the guilty pleasure in this story was gripping. The world-building was also compelling - not required for good smut, but it took this story to the next level.”















RUNNER-UP - Not The Intended Use by nazgularepeopletoo
“Inventive and compelling tribute of full-on Repo! darkness laid out on the altar of smut. Well done!”

The Legal Assassin Award [Best dark, other]















WINNER - Morella by mezzafredda
“This dark tale begins with the usual characters from Repo like Nathan, Marni, Shilo, and Mag but with a twist. Marni is possessed by a demon! This breeds a mistrust and darkness in Nathan that he uses to confine Shilo for fear that she too will become possessed. Combining eerie quotes from Edgar Allen Poe's work of the same name and this dark tale make for a spooky reading.”















RUNNER-UP - Not The Intended Use by nazgularepeopletoo
“What starts out as a hunt for a man named Graverobber, slowly turns into a power play between Graverobber and Repo Man Nathan.  Nathan must do as he is told but Graverobber offers more than Nathan could have imagined...........
The undertones of drug use, manipulation, revenge, and power are what make this story dark and introspective.”


The Behind Green Eyes Award  [Best characterization, other]















WINNER - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena (PM Michael)
“This could just as well be a real part of Little Britain, it hits all the right notes and works with the same comedic beats. Everyone's voices and mannerisms are spot on, and it fits the tone of the show to a T. The crossover with the Buffyverse makes it doubly interesting and fun. What a treat!"















RUNNER-UP - I Don't Like the Drugs (And the Drugs Don't Like Me) by stubbornbones (Nathan Wallace)
“We love this for various reasons - the great writing style, the interesting and engaging AU setting, and also the characterization. Our poor Nathan, no matter how far removed from the movie canon the world is, there are some painful constants in his life: He always has to fall under Rotti's power, he always has to become somewhat numb to the gruesomeness of his work, and he always has to lose Marni. His reactions to all of that were, in our opinion, perfectly portrayed. Very well done - and also, ouch.”


The May the Best Man Win Award  [Fan favorite, other]















WINNER - Magic! The Genetic Opera by PhaedraZev














RUNNER-UP - I Don't Like the Drugs (And the Drugs Don't Like Me) by stubbornbones














RUNNER-UP - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena

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