Fiction Awards


The Pendragon Pride Award  [Best gen., Uther]















WINNER - Her Father's Daughter by Shanti Rosa
“We loved this well written story. It gives us a wonderful insight into Uther and Morganas relationship and it's nice to see a softer side to Uther.”
















RUNNER-UP - Interview With a King by inukshuk
“This story packs a punch, despite being on the shorter side. Uther’s inner dialogue and the way he justifies his decisions are explained and portrayed very well.
We particularly loved the last line:
"I am merciful. The axe was sharp."”


The Heart of Camelot Award  [Best romance, Uther]















WINNER - The Sins of the Mother by Gilli_ann
“To make sense of Morgana's heritage and to reconcile all the (sometimes contradicting) references to pre-series canon is not an easy task, but this story pulls it off brilliantly. And it doesn't simply connect the dots, it creates a rich and fascinating picture of the past and makes it relevant for the present and even the future. It is a genuine joy to read. While we see the events play out through Uther's memories, we also see the strong and beautiful love he shared with Ygraine. They were truly good together, but it also becomes clear how much Uther's own sanity depended on her tempering influence. Such thoughtful character insight, combined with a meaningful plot and flawless storytelling, makes this the clear winner.”
















RUNNER-UP - Rage, rage into the dying of the light by Angel_Bazethiel
“This story gets pretty dark and is maybe an unusual choice for a romance award. Yet the love and deep connection between Uther and Ygraine come through very strongly, even in the few paragraphs dedicated to their time together. We especially love the detail about their family crests, the dragon and the phoenix! Working that out from obscure references in the series is genius, and mentioning the symbolism serves so well as an illustration of their mutual attraction. And then of course Ygraine's death is the core and turning point of it all, the moment where Uther changes forever, the reason for everything that follows. It's deeply romantic, but in the worst possible sense - leading down a dark, dark path.”


The Sins of the Father Award  [Best smut, Uther]















WINNER - Friendly Merger by cheese
“This is Smut in its most purest form. You don’t need to wait because the action of this story starts in the very beginning. This is a modern-day Uther and Merlin office duo that will stick with you long after you read it, which is crazy because it's just an 800 word scene. Nothing friendly about this merger ;)”
















RUNNER-UP – What Will You do for it? by VerdantMoth
“A Young Uther and Leon exploring a relationship with each other that’s sexual in nature. For men with such responsibilities on their shoulders, it’s fun to watch them indulge in their desires.”

The Wicked Day Award  [Best dark, Uther]















WINNER - Collared Dragonlords and Mad Kings by LittensTinyMittens (Onasariel)
“YES! We were so excited to see the story in this category and it is the very clear winner. You come out of this story a new person. It is so dark that you will need a few days to process your emotions. It will stay with you long after you read it. Good work to this author for creating such a dark and doomed setting that is such a good read. Couldn’t put it down! “
















RUNNER-UP - Interview With a King by inukshuk
“Woah, this short story will give you the chills. So close to winning this category as well. What a wonderful portrayal of Uther. The tone is set straight away as Uther justifies the killing of Children and why he listens to no one else on the matter. This author is scary good at being in his head. If you need a quick read, and you love Uther, read this. You won’t regret it. THANK YOU to this author for your vision and skill.”

The I Am Your King! Award  [Best characterization, Uther]















WINNER - Rage, rage into the dying of the light by Angel_Bazethiel
“We really liked the full range of this story, showing Uther's journey over time towards his hatred of magic. Showing that he once accepted magic, following his story as he comes to distrust it following the heartbreak of Ygraine’s death, and then ending full circle with Merlin and Arthur as the future. The point of view of Balinor was an interesting look at Uther from the outside. This story lets us follow him from an optimistic young prince as he becomes the stubborn, war-worn king we know him as from the series. It explained well that it didn't just happen overnight, and didn't happen all at once. Great work.”
















RUNNER-UP - Old Swords by Oldwickedsongs
“We loved this look at Uther as he muses on his age, his past, and Arthur. It was a great introspective look at a character too-often painted as a one-dimensional villain. Old Swords gets into Uther’s head and outlines the conflicts he deals with every day. This story honors the complexity of Uther as portrayed by Anthony. It felt true to character as he reflected on himself but ultimately his concern and much of what he does is for Arthur, trying to protect his son and prepare him for when Uther is no longer around. Awesome story that packs a punch with few words.”


The Camelot’s Choice Award  [Fan favorite, Uther]















WINNER - 5 Ways To Ruin A Turkey by tygermine















RUNNER-UP - Rage, rage into the dying of the light by Angel_Bazethiel

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