Video Awards

The Another Hero Award  [Best character vid]


WINNER - Rupert Giles - Hey You by  thepitchforkgirl
“This video does a brilliant job of matching clips of our favourite Watcher to a song that perfectly fits his character. The song choice is not only well suited to Giles lyrically, but is aesthetically apt to represent some of his influences and musical taste. The video really draws you in and gives you a deeper understanding of Giles range of dynamics. It thoroughly and effectively shows his struggle between being a "good" Watcher who does his duties and being a friend and father figure to Buffy. It shows his deep concern and care for those around him, his misunderstood playful side, and his protective, sometimes violent, skills against adversity. All together this video is an enjoyable and endearing reminder of who our watcher is."















RUNNER-UP - Going Under by Fandom Fanvids
“This video has a great song choice for Uther, a little 'rock and roll' for a king of power and gravitas, and lyrics to reflect his quiet desperation as he fails violently to maintain the fascade hiding the broken human beneath. The chosen clips alone are perfect because they show some of Uther's more vulnerable moments, as well as one of our favorite acting sequences of Tony as Uther.”


The Messin’ with Magic Award  [Best story vid]









WINNER - Favourite Ex by wakeupinacoma
“Definitely a pairing we never heard of before, but for a pair that didn’t really have much screen time together, wakeupinacoma was definitely able to tell a convincing story with the way the video was edited. The song choice also helped to develop a very clear story. Many, many video editing skills were put on display here, such as, the use of HD footage from a show that was filmed with 90s cameras, and editing Cordelia and Giles into scenes that they weren’t normally in together and making it look natural. The editing techniques were very good, and well done considering this was probably just someone editing it on their PC at home! We were so impressed with the skills displayed in this video that it was clearly the winner. So how do you learn those mad editing skills?? And most importantly, where is the fanfic that goes with this video?! We need more!”









RUNNER-UP - Dawn & Giles | Collide | A Father's Love by  eternalred wolfe
“This video was so sweet we had to give it an award as well. In a Dawn and Giles father/daughter type story, this video gave us all the feels. We laughed when Giles caught Dawn making out with a boy. The video was edited to show a very fatherly response! However, we also almost cried at the end when Giles walked through the door to the plane. Again, good use of editing and song choice to tell a story and celebrate the fatherly figure that Giles was and could have been to Dawn.”


The Staring at the Sun Award  [Best tribute vid]


WINNER - Anthony Head World's Most Handsome Man by  Queenoftheuniverse08
“Lovely synchronization of lyrics and pictures, and a good mix of different aspects of Tony Head. There was a definite sense of story to this video. Well done!”









RUNNER-UP - Anthony Head - A perfect human being by Dracofidus
“This video showcases Tony's personality, love, and humor. There are a variety of clips

and most importantly "Anthea, Spirit of the Throne."”

The Under My Skin Award  [Fan favorite vid]







WINNER - Rupert Giles – Hallelujah by gilescandy














RUNNER-UP - the sentinel [Uther Pendragon] by  ninexofxhearts


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