2022 Headline Awards Winners


Art Awards

Change Award  [Best Manip]


Winner - Giles Manip  (5th on page) by 51kas81
Runner-up -  Giles/Buffy Manip (1st on page) by gaiarheahera


Owning My Mistakes Award  [Best Artwork]

Winner - Dressing Up Rupert Giles *the trilogy* by flummoxedangel
Runner-up - Ripper & Olivia '76 by monsoonhazard

Angels in Many Guises Award  [Fan Favorite Art]


Winner - Ripper & Olivia '76 by monsoonhazard
Runner-up - “Giles can like, get it” by flummoxedangel

Fanfiction Awards
Watcher Watchers Award  [Best Gen Fic]

Winner - Buffyworld by il_mio_capitano
Runner-up - don’t have the blood to show by rippergiles

Twosome of Cuteness Award  [Best Romance]

Winner - Something Old, Something New by TheScholarlyStrumpet
Runner-up - Emergence by Antennapedia

Good Squirm Award  [Best Smut]

Winner - Ama Unum Maxime by mswhich
Runner-up - Highly Professional Colleagues by RoselynnThornwood

Dark Age Award  [Best Dark]

Winner - Broken by RoselynnThornwood
Runner-up - Help by witchee_writer

You Were the One I Loved Award  [Fan Favorite Giles Story]

Winner - i may have died, but your loving raised me by The_Eclectic_Bookworm
Runner-up - Anything to Help by froxyn


Other Characters

May the Best Man Win Award  [Fan Favorite Other Character Story]

Winner - The King by Skyson
Runner-up - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena 
Runner-up - You, Me & Not Them by Dynapink

Additional Fiction

Little British Award  [Best Short]

Winner - Frozen Stiff by Ruuger
Runner-up - A Good Watcher by TheScholarlyStrumpet


Epic Award  [Best Series/Long-fic]

Winner - Sanctuary by DHW
Runner-up - Thirty-ish Days (and Thirty-ish Years) by Dynapink


Behind Green Eyes Award [Best Characterization]

Winner - You, Me & Not Them by Dynapink  (Ed Walker)
Runner-up - What the Heart Wants by TheScholarlyStrumpet  (Rupert Giles)

Mystical Convergence Award  [Best Crossover]

Winner - I ven eden by pythia  (BtVS/ Lord of the Rings)
Runner-up - But Not Forgotten by Vesica  (BtVS/Fire Fly)


Hydra Award  [Best Multi-ASH]


Winner - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena  (BtVS/ Little Britain)
Runner-up - Tabloid Headlines by protoneoromantic  (Multi)