2021 Headline Awards Red-Carpet Gala Winners



The 1000-Words Artist

Dr-Horrible  -  "These emotionally

life-like draws somehow capture

things about these characters that

even the cameras miss.”

The Triple-Take Manip Maker

51kas81  -  "“Two plus years and I

haven't recovered from Archaeologist

Rupert “Indiana” Giles. If anyone

needs me, I'll be here just looking at

Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles.

Have you guys seen Archaeologist

Rupert “Indiana” Giles? I highly

recommend it. Archaeologist

Rupert “Indiana” Giles <3”

The Unsung Hero Artist

Funforahermit  -  “I have no idea how

much work it takes to make a banner,

but I sure know they did the work with

love. Having read/watched the works that

won, and enjoy the banner as part and

celebration of them, it really shows how

much thought was put into making them.

I'm a fan of the banner makers, no doubt.”


Video Makers


The Good Time Vidder

KatrinDepp  -  "Listen, this vidder makes

the content I need when the world needs

a tune up. The feelings these videos

awaken in me can restore my soul with

only one watch (or 15).”

The Vidding Story Teller  

Gilescandy  -  "“Her gripping narrative videos

are a feast in themselves, which leaves you

with a craving to turn to her fics for more.”

The Vidder of Romance   

Humblequill  -  “As a Giles multishipper,

I can always find ship content in this

vidder's channel. It's like a romance

buffet for all.”

The Vidding Comic

Gilescandy  -  “Gilescandy is, among

other virtues, one of the funniest vidders

in all of ASH fandom.”

Fiction Writers

The Feel-Good Writer  

ljs  -  “Sweet, believable, and engaging

plots that were my first introduction

to Giles/Anya.”

The Funny Bone Tickler 

Gilescandy  -   “Sometimes it's a strange

sense of humor, but they're stories

that make me laugh.”

The Heart Melter

Timeladyleo  -  “This writer is one of the

most prolific for one of my favorite ships,

Herc/Carolyn.  But it's not only their spot-on

interactions that melt my heart. It's Herc's

treatment of Author that gives me all

the feels.”

The Screen Seamer

Antennapedia  -  “She is a Goddess of

Smut, creating a world in which we can

live through our favorite characters

in some of the most intimate and

satisfying moments their lives.”

The Sultan of Sagas

Littleotter73  -  “Littleotter is one

of our stalwart headcases.  Long

recognized for her shorter works,

it's time she got a shout out for

her enthralling longer works and

series as well.”

The Dean of Drabbles

il_mio_capitano  -  “Known to

everyone who has been fortunate

enough to be a part of the Giles_Shorts

community over the years,

il_mio_capitano can pack a punch

(or a squeeee!)  into amazingly

few words.”

The Thought Provoker  

Antennapedia  -  “This writer is one

whose works I return to over and

over again. I love their characterizations

and the way they engage with the

relationships in their stories.”

The Brilliant Beginnings Writer 

DHW  -  “I just..... please....

I need more! ..... <3”