This is the final list.  If you find mistakes, please inform us.  Nominees are being notified.  If you find your name and wish not to partisipate, please let us know.

2021 Headline Red Carpet Gala Nominations


The 1000-Words Artist

Korina – “Korina is a new Anthony fan who has made lots of great drawings along her journey! It’s been so nice seeing her fall in love like the rest of us.”
1 – Legal Assassin   / 2 – Giles Sketches   / 3 – Giles Study  / 4 – Giles Sketch Page

Dr-Horrible – “These emotionally life-like draws somehow capture things about these characters that even the cameras miss.”
1 - Buffy sketch-Jenny and Giles   / 2 - Rupert Giles Sketch Card   / 3 - Giles as Fyarl Demon-Buffy

Caztalia – “Their whimsical Drawings of our favorite bad boy bring a wry smile to the face of every fan who loves Giles for the man he was, is, and will always be.”
1 - A couple of old mystics    / 2 - To the library!   / 3 - Annoyed Giles  

The Triple-Take Manip Maker

khaoschilde/Wickedfox – “Listen, I have been looking for weeks for these two manips in specific. I found them. I melt everytime!!!! If you find more info, please share it. I love them so much.” &  “If we are honoring the greats, I can't let this category pass without a nomination for wickedfox, whose work inspired us all.”
1 - Fall to Pieces   / 2 - Pirates of the Gethan

51kas81 – “Two plus years and I haven't recovered from Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles. If anyone need me, I'll be here just looking at Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles. Have you guys seen Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles? I highly recommend it. Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles <3”
1 - Archaeologist Rupert “Indiana” Giles    / 2 - Doctor Giles & Buffy part II

Restfield – “All of Restfield's art is amazing.  If only there was more centered on our man!”
1 - Ripper    / 2 - In the Corner of My Soul  (Last on page.)

The Unsung Hero Artist

Funforahermit – “I have no idea how much work it takes to make a banner, but I sure know they did the work with love. Having read/watched the works that won, and enjoy the banner as part and celebration of them, it really shows how much thought were put into making them. I'm a fan of the banner makers, no doubt.”
1 - 2020 HEADLINE AWARD WINNERS  / 2 - 2018 HEADLINE WINNERS [ART/GRAPHICS AWARDS]  / 3 – Headline 2021 Red Carpet Gala Banner


51kas81 – “These banners are beautiful and compliments the winner's work so well.”
1 -  VIDEO WINNERS  /  2 - GILES FICTION WINNERS    / 3 –  Summer of Giles 2020 event banner 


Video Makers

The Good Time Vidder

Shadowhisper – “This video maker may have only made two videos related to Giles, but oh god how they make me happy. I wish to nominate them on account of the many happy feels I always receive watching their content.”
1 - Giles gets knocked down   / 2 - Rupert Giles - Father's Love

KatrinDepp – “Listen, this vidder makes the content I need when the world needs a tune up. The feelings these videos awaken in me can restore my soul with only one watch (or 15).”
1 - the watcher| giles/buffy   / 2 - still standing | buffy the vampire slayer

Gilescandy – “We all know the power of Gilescandy's dark videos, but they cannot eclipse the joy that her lighter side can bring.”
1 - We Belong - Willow/Giles    / 2 - Shine your Way - Anthony Head    / 3 - The Scoobie Gang ~ Hold On  

The Vidding Story Teller

Gilescandy – “Her gripping narrative videos are a feast in themselves, which leaves you with a craving to turn to her fics for more.”
1 – Nathan Wallace ~ Demons (Repo!)  / 2 - Vampire!Giles - The Spell  / 3 - Wings of Despair - Vamp!Giles   / 4 – Main Street Meets The Scooby Gang


WinchesterGirl90 – “Her seamless use of multiple source video allows her weave stories for our favorite Kings that are truly her own yet impressively in-tune with Canon.”
1 - The Treason of Morgana   / 2 - Uther & Igraine - Here Without You


R.B. Restfield – “Happy or sad, playful or deep, their story vids draw the watcher in, heart and soul.”
1 - Your Color (Giles/Drusilla)   / 2 - Saturday Night (Giles/Joyce, Band Candy)


MontHulmeProductions – “These vids forcefully assert the stories they have to tell with a richness that has the weight and heft of complexity but none-the-less clear truth.”
1 - Nathan Wallace - Time to Kill  / 2 - New Day-Merlin   / 3 - One Thousand Lies-A repo! Fan Video


Freespirittina – “Their vids tell a variety of compelling stories forcefully and with grace.”
1 - Legal Assassin (Repo!) - Alternate Version   / 2 - Merlin - Remember - Anthony Stewart Head


The Vidder of Romance

Humblequill – “As a Giles multishipper, I can always find ship content in this vidder's channel. It's like a romance buffet for all.”
1 - Giles/Ethan - Always   / 2 - Giles/Anya - Anyone But You   / 3 - Buffy/Giles - Let Me See


Polly1esther -  “No matter the ship or the mood, polly's romantic vids bring the feels, this is why we ship.”
1 - Landfill (Giles/Spike)  / 2 - Everything (Buffy/Giles)   / 3 - Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines (Buffy/Giles)   / 4 - Mercy (Giles/Anya/Xander)


lorelei80 – “Whether single fandom story vids or multi-fandom tributes, these vids show Tony at his tenderest, most loving, and hottest, reminding us all why we love him so.”
1 - Anthony Head-Kissing You   / 2 - Giles and Jenny - We Found Love – BtVS


Eternalred wolfe – “It takes a special kind of talent to create emotionally real and compelling vids for AU ships, this vidder has that in spades.”
1 - Friend of Mine (Giles/Cordy)   / 2 - I Swear To Love You All My Life (Giles/Cordy)


Demonicanthony – “They have created some great Buffy/Giles vids which is rare for this particular ship. The songs they have chosen work well the specific scenes they have chosen.”
1 - Buffy/Giles - Baby Its Fact    / 2 - Perfect   / 3 - Crazy for this girl

The Vidding Comic

Shadowhisper – “This video maker may have only made two videos related to Giles, but oh god how they make me happy. I wish to nominate them on account of the many happy feels I always receive watching their content. I only have one entry for this category but i need to share this with the fans! <3”
1 - Giles gets knocked down


Gilescandy – “Gilescandy is, among other virtues, one of the funniest vidders in all of ASH fandom.”
1 - Anthony Head - Going Down   / 2 - Giles and the Scoobies - Alone Now


Inspieos – “These deadpan 'tribute' videos are hilarious.”
1 - Anthony Head, U R A Fever  / 2 - Anthony Head is such a HOT MESS

Fiction Writers

The Feel-Good Writer

The_Eclectic_Bookworm – “They are one of my favorite fic writers who produce more fics than anyone I follow. Their deep love for the characters allows us all to enjoy the relationships in a deeper way than canon ever did.”
1 - I May Have Died, But Your Loving Raised Me  / 2 - Four Lies and a Truth  / 3 - Two Questions  / 4 - Haunted

Froxyn – “Prolific writer who has brought new life into a relatively small fandom this year.”
1 - Filterless    / 2 - Lockdown    / 3 - Foundations    / 4 - Tea and Daleks

ljs – “Sweet, believable, and engaging plots that were my first introduction to Giles/Anya.”
1 - Profit and Lace   / 2 – Outside    / 3 - Hugh Grant Explains It All for You


il_mio_capitano – “If you don't know who this is, where have you been?  One of the hardest workers of our fandom.  She not only makes sure Summer of Giles is an event every year, but always graces it with awesome fics.”
1 - And All The King's Men    / 2 - Xander’s Kingdom    / 3 - Dead Stock Clearance

The Funny Bone Tickler

DHW – “We all know the buffyverse humor allow us to have fun at every corner. Writers like this have the ability to pinpoint the character voices, set the scene, and leave me laughing my ass off. It's not only that the original source of content is funny, is the talent poured into these works that makes them so fulfilling and entertaining.”
1 - The Uxbridge English Dictionary   / 2 - The Problem With Peterborough


Angelus2hot – “Long a fixture of Buffyverse fandom, one thing A2H can be relied on to provide, which may get overlooked, is a little occasional glimpse of Buffy/Giles fluff and feels.”
1 - One Night Outside of Destiny    / 2 - 7 Minutes In Heaven


Gilescandy – “Sometimes it's a strange sense of humor, but the stories make me laugh.”
1 - A Side of Beefsteak   / 2 - Scared Scooby    / 3 - The Mistletoe Gauntlet

The Heart Melter

Froxyn – “A prolific writer who has brought new life into a relatively small pairing fandom.”
1 - Amenable   / 2 - Never a Question  (Second to last scene) / 3 - Ever the Same (Fourth section)  / 4 - Pulling it Back Together


Punch-kicker15 – “When I see this creator's name, I know I'm going to end up grinning.  She brings out all of the sweetness of one of the fandom's smaller ships.”
1 - The Love Song of Anthropomorphic Nonsense and Frog Fears   / 2 - The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense   / 3 -  Crisis


Timeladyleo – “This writer is one of the most prolific for one of my favorite ships, Herc/Carolyn.  But it's not only their spot-on interactions that melt my heart.  It's Herc's treatment of Author that gives me all the feels.”
1 - Nightmares    / 2 - Pebbles     / 3 - Roses are red, violets are blue

The Screen Steamer

Froxyn – “OMG - read her work and you'll understand ha ha.  Definitely has a way with words!”
1 - Concupiscent   / 2 - Mahogany   / 3 - Gifts of Opportunity (Check out the tent scene!)   / 4 - In Perpetuum


Antennapedia – “She is a Goddess of Smut, creating a world in which we can live through our favorite characters in some of the most intimate and satisfying moments their lives.”
1 - Levi's 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Button-Fly Jeans   / 2 - The Elevator Problem  / 3 - Last Night on Earth  / 4 - The Apocalypse Stone


Angelous2hot – “Because all her ships are too hot.”
1 - Closest Thing To Heaven   / 2 - The Games Watchers Play   / 3 - 7 Minutes In Heaven


The Sultan of Sagas

Froxyn – “This writer is simply amazing and her longer fics/series are works that I go back and read over and over again.”
1 - Elliott     / 2 - Chip Tooth Smile    / 3 - The Key     / 4 - A Way Back

Gilescandy – “Hers are the series we never want to end.  Thankfully, they never do ;-)”
1 - Magister 1-3    / 2 - Stories of Three    / 3 – The Lover’s Series

Protoneoromantic – “Her long running series have been described as feeling like part of the canon Buffyverse and have left some readers clamoring for sequels years after the fact.”
1 - Duck, Duck, Goose    / 2 - Here to Watch Girls    / 3 - All Things Proceed from Passion    / 4 - Blood Screaming

Littleotter73 – “Littleotter is one of our stalwart headcases.  Long recognized for her shorter works, it's time she got a shout out for her enthralling longer works and series as well.”
1 - Here Be Dragons    / 2 - Something to Hold

The Dean of Drabbles

Stuffandnonsense – “Long, involved, stories presented in tightly contained drabble chapters.”
1 - Ten Halloweens   / 2 – Hurricane Mitch    / 3 - If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride   / 4 - If Turnips Were Bayonets, I'd Wear One by My Side

Beer_good – “Invariably inventive and funny, short slices of life.”
1 - Hitting Things And A Whole Lotta Jack D (Among Other Things)    / 2 - Spike And Giles Are The Village Green Preservation Society    / 3 - Tree Bad, Fire Pretty

Littleotter73 – “With years of Giles_Shorts under her belt (lame pun intended) our little otter can dish out a mean drabble.”
1 - Be Careful What You Wish For    / 2 - In the Mist    / 3 - Language Lessons    / 4 – Gone

il_mio_capitano – “Known to everyone who has been fortunate enough to be a part of the Giles_Shorts community over the years, il_mio_capitano can pack a punch (or a squeeee!)  into amazingly few words.”
1 - Dressed to Kill, and other (LJ)    / 2 - The Return, and others (dreamwidth)

Protoneoromantic – “Her tight, simple, and elegant use of language allows her to render a three dimensional moment of thought and action in just a few words.”
1 - Pendragon Drabble Tarot   / 2 - The Desert's Quiet; Cleveland's Cold   / 3 - As Needed   / 4 - A Moment Too Soon


The Thought Provoker

Antennapedia – “This writer is one whose works I return to over and over again. I love their characterizations and the way they engage with the relationships in their stories.”
1 - Gas-Ring Alchemy    / 2 - Les Bijoux     / 3 - An Antique Roman

Protoneoromantic – “Bringing in some aspect of reality (being gay in the 90s, canon grief and loss) and exploring its impact in the Buffyverse - these are the stories I'm still thinking about years later.”
1 - Private Life    / 2 - All the Children I've had to Say "Good Bye" to


Gilescandy – “Every fic writer delves into 'what if', but candy does so with a diligent honesty that will leave you with serious thoughts all day... or all decade.”
1 - Magester 1-3    / 2 - The Lover's Series   / 3 - The Watcher Watch Diary '98

The Brilliant Beginnings Writer

DHW – “I just..... please.... I need more! ..... <3”
1 -   Sanctuary     / 2 - Of Darkness and Light


Timeladyleo – “I got sucked into these worlds and I can't seem to stop thinking about them! I miss the so well written characters so much, and my brain has no idea what could happen next. I mean, I have ideas, but I really, really want to keep reading and find out what happens next! I just love them <3”
1 - Catch a Flame to my Sentiment    / 2 - Fair Winds and Following Seas


Pythia – “It's hard to be upset about the sagas this writer has begun and left.  The only reason they can be called WIPs is because they are such full worlds, they could never really have an ending.  Doesn't mean I won't continue to visit them and hope one day there's more!”
1 - Songs of Summerset and Midwinter    / 2 - Watcher Who