2022 Headline Nominee List   (Updated 1/19)

Please remember – All categories must have at least three(3) entries to be
judged.  Nominations end Jan. 20th.  Nominate here!

(Nominees are being informed.  If your work appears and you'd like to opt out, please email us.)

Artistic Awards

Video Awards
Another Hero Award  [Best Character Vid]

Messin’ with Magic Award  [Best Story Vid]

Staring at the Sun Award  [Best Tribute Vid]

Art Awards
Qu’est Ce Que Ji’a Fait Award  [Best Graphic]

Change Award  [Best Manip]

Owning My Mistakes Award  [Best Artwork]

  Ripper’s Candy by Kvinnlig

  Dressing Up Rupert Giles *the trilogy* by flummoxedangel

  “Giles can like, get it” by flummoxedangel

Fiction Awards
Watcher Watchers Award  [Best Gen Fic]

  One More Drink by RoselynnThornwood

  The Mark You Missed by rippergiles

  don’t have the blood to show by rippergiles

  Buffyworld by il_mio_capitano

Twosome of Cuteness Award  [Best Romance]
  i may have died, but your loving raised me by The_Eclectic_Bookworm

  Emergence by Antennapedia

  Something Old, Something New by TheScholarlyStrumpet

  Hysteria by Fayr

  Anything to Help by froxyn

Good Squirm Award  [Best Smut]

  Duty by BeccaVexing

  La Petite Mort by ilovehowyouletmefall

  Ama Unum Maxime by mswhich

  The Totem by TheScholarlyStrumpet

  Night Air by Adarog (RembrandtsWife)

  The Rough Stuff by TheScholarlyStrumpet

  caned and drained, harshly profaned by lovelyorbent

  Highly Professional Colleagues by RoselynnThornwood

  Only at Night by ElleV

Dark Age Award  [Best Dark]

  Seventh Time's the Charm by RunnerFive

  Broken by RoselynnThornwood

Other Characters
Best Thing Since Rainbows Award  [Best Gen Fic]

Imagine You and Me Award  [Best Romance]

Gold Blend Award  [Best Smut]

Legal Assassin Award  [Best Dark]

Additional Fiction
In Every Generation Award [Best New Fiction]

Little British Award  [Best Short]

  A Good Watcher by TheScholarlyStrumpet

Epic Award  [Best Series/Long-fic]  

  Tradition and Protocol by antennapedia

  Sanctuary by DHW

  Thirty-ish Days (and Thirty-ish Years) by Dynapink

  The King by Skyson

Behind Green Eyes Award [Best  Characterization]

  What the Heart Wants by TheScholarlyStrumpet  (For Rupert Giles)

Mystical Convergence Award  [Best Crossover]

Hydra Award  [Best Multi-ASH]

Special Awards
Head-case of the Year