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          2022 Headline Awards Winners


            Art Awards

      Change Award  [Best Manip]


Winner - Giles Manip  (5th on page) by 51kas81

“This is a great manip, with a chaotic theme that

really harkens to the chaotic nature of Ripper.

It’s high energy and full of attitude!”


Runner-up -  Giles/Buffy Manip (1st on page) by gaiarheahera

“Gaiarheahera presents a really subtle manip.

Sort of reminiscent of the snaps used when Dawn

fades in and out of view!  With very subtle editing,

it makes you double back to see if it’s an actual

pic of a moment captured between the pair.”




Owning My Mistakes Award  [Best Artwork]

Winner - Dressing Up Rupert Giles *the trilogy* by flummoxedangel

“The exuberant creativity in this trilogy of pictures completely

won us over. The given title suggests that the outfits are the

main point - and let's be honest, they all suit him splendidly,

even the bright flowery waistcoat in the first picture - but the

poses, facial expressions, and prop details should not be left

unappreciated. It's a wonderful art style too, so soft and very

expressive. And it captures Giles' features perfectly -

this is our Watcher, to a T.”


Runner-up - Ripper & Olivia '76 by monsoonhazard

“This art piece creates a believable history for Giles and Olivia in

their wild younger years. It easily evokes a wonderful headcanon

about Ripper and his band-- and whatever questionable

shenanigans they got into between gigs. Stylistically, it feels like

an homage to the Buffy comics, and it demonstrates a skill that

would fit right in with the published comics canon. The detail of

the Mark of Eyghon tattoo is the frosting on a delicious cake.

Well done!”


Angels in Many Guises Award  [Fan Favorite Art]

Winner - Ripper & Olivia '76 by monsoonhazard


Runner-up - “Giles can like, get it” by flummoxedangel

Fanfiction Awards


Watcher Watchers Award  [Best Gen Fic]

Winner - Buffyworld by il_mio_capitano

“Buffyworld has an excellent concept. More than just a

character study, it has that special jewel-like quality of a

really excellent, fully-contained story written in very few

words. Nice segue from grief to anger.”





Runner-up - don’t have the blood to show by rippergiles

“don’t have the blood to show is a poignant character study

that reveals Giles’ thoughts as he digs Buffy’s grave. It’s

lovely that the author gave him three nightmare scenarios

in relation to Buffy: that he’d barely been aware of her first

death, that he’d taken her powers, and that he feels this

second death is his fault. It’s interesting to see this bookish

Watcher, who works so often in his head, doing this physical

labor as a penance. It’s heart-wrenching to see him thinking

through potential futures for Buffy even as he digs her grave.

And the conclusion is heartbreaking: he drags his feet while

digging because it won’t be possible to put her in the grave

until he’s done.”

Twosome of Cuteness Award  [Best Romance]

Winner - Something Old, Something New by TheScholarlyStrumpet

"I always feel these two need a bit of a push to really take

action or else it feels out of character, and this writer

handles that beautifully.  The way the tension of the story

is fueled by their mutual self-restraint rather than random

obstacles feels very right for them.  This was hands down

our first choice."




Runner-up - Emergence by Antennapedia

“This is a delicious and fun little romp from the beginning

to the end. Angst and longing, laughter and “Ow.” Kudos,

and a story well done. “And that was it… as they say.””







Good Squirm Award  [Best Smut]

Winner - Ama Unum Maxime by mswhich

“This is such a fun category to judge and the competition

is always fierce. This year the winner of the Good Squirm

Award goes to Ama Unum Maxine by mswhich. Anyone

who reads this fanfic will admire the fantasy - because

let's be honest, who hasn't fantasized about Rupert Giles

admitting his very horny feelings for you in the sunnydale

library? You will leave this fanfic frustrated only because

you've already wished a million times you could be in

Willow's shoes and research with Giles all hours of the night,

and this story explores one of the many late-night study fantasies they could have shared. Even if you are put off by the idea of Giles and Willow, you can easily put yourself in her shoes and still relate to their feelings and the fantasy. This fanfic, without question, deserves the smut award for putting words to a fantasy we all secretly (or not so secretly) share!”

Runner-up - Highly Professional Colleagues by RoselynnThornwood

“I admire RoselynnThornwood's ability to write a smut story

that stays true to character - because many times,

unfortunately, the characters we love get lost and their

personalities become unrecognizable when authors attempt

to write smut. However, RoselynnThornwood held on to the

character’s voices throughout the story for every character

that made an appearance. If you are looking for a quickie

that is completely believable without straying too far from

canon, this fanfic is a great pick! Plus, bonus points for

introducing fans to the boudoir artist at the end! (I've

subscribed to her patreon account and can attest that the artwork for this story is steamy and amazing)! Great work!”

Dark Age Award  [Best Dark]

Winner - Broken by RoselynnThornwood

"The title says it all. You  will feel broken after reading the

heartache and indecision Giles has to endure in order to

safeguard Buffy's life as well as his own. The story begins

rather familiarly as it takes place at the end of the second

season when Angelous is doing what he does best: tourture.

Giles sees that Buffy has been dragged into his nightmare and

you can feel his heartbreak at the thought of what horrors

await her. Unfortunately he couldn't have imagined what he

would be asked to do.......
Broken is as dark as it gets for a relationship like Buffy and Giles that is built on so much trust and fatherly love. The story  will have you on the edge of your seat, wishing you could look away but compelled to read on for what awaits is a twist few could see coming."


Runner-up - Help by witchee_writer

“This story has layers of darkness wrapped within it, from

Angel’s desperation for help, his memories of torturing Giles,

and the revenge enacted on him by Ethan Rayne that toes

the line between playful and bitter. Giles’ own conflicted

feelings toward Angel mirror what we see in the show and

as such this story fits in nicely as a slight divergence from

canon events. It also has a surprising domesticity between

Ethan and Rupert, seen through Angel’s eyes as well as their

own. It’s a fun relationship that everyone knows is bad for

them but we love it anyway.”

You Were the One I Loved Award  [Fan Favorite Giles Story]


Winner - i may have died, but your loving raised me by The_Eclectic_Bookworm





Runner-up - Anything to Help by froxyn

Other Characters

May the Best Man Win Award  [Fan Favorite Other Character Story]

Winner - The King by Skyson






Runner-up - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena 



Runner-up - You, Me & Not Them by Dynapink





Additional Fiction

Little British Award  [Best Short]

Winner - Frozen Stiff by Ruuger

“As compact and beautiful as a scene in a

snow globe, this little glimpse of Giles and

Faith working together and sharing comradery

in their own individual very guarded ways was

a joy to see.  Never were two people so well

suited to find the beauty in something dark,

or the difficulty in something beautiful.

This fic captures that perfectly.”

Runner-up - A Good Watcher by TheScholarlyStrumpet

“This story is masterfully crafted around a

framework of only four lines of canon dialogue.

It delves deep into Giles' thoughts and feelings

and paints a picture that is suddenly so much

bigger and more laden with meaning than the

scene in the show. An excellent piece of character

introspection, and a treat to read.”

Epic Award  [Best Series/Long-fic]

Winner - Sanctuary by DHW

“DHW is an incredibly talented writer, whose ability to

describe and trigger other senses with words just gets better

as the story progresses. They patiently take their time with

the story, allowing a build-up that is engaging and authentic

to the characters and the show. Their excellent knowledge

of the show (and comic), allows them to work canon (and

original quotes) into their story seamlessly, to their advantage.

Their well-timed introductions of other characters as a vehicle

to progress their story is masterful also. Their plot has slow burn, humour, romance, angst and some amazing twists and turns. Overall, Sanctuary is intelligent, evocative, and believable. The only downside is that it remains unfinished…”

Runner-up - Thirty-ish Days (and Thirty-ish Years) by Dynapink

"Through a series of vignettes, Dynapink gives us a glimpse

into moments unseen in episodes of Buffy and creates a

post-series headcanon that is absolutely believable. The

characterization is masterful and clearly the work of an

author who adores this fandom and knows its players

intimately. The exploration of Giles's relationships with

many different characters is delightfully done; this is exactly

the sort of thing fanfiction is for. I hope this author continues

work on this piece, as it was a pleasure to read."


Behind Green Eyes Award [Best Characterization]

Winner - You, Me & Not Them by Dynapink  (Ed Walker)
“It's a rare treat to find something new and engaging to

read in this underserved fandom, but it's especially

rewarding when the voice of each character is captured

as beautifully as they are in this fic.  Ed is so very Ed in the

face of Lauren being Lauren that reading this felt like

discovering a forgotten episode of the show.”

Runner-up - What the Heart Wants by TheScholarlyStrumpet  (Rupert Giles)

"What the Heart Wants explores the mind of Giles as he

struggles with the First in the shape of his lost love, Jenny.

You can hear his inner monologue as he frets about how to

keep his charges safe and the fatherly concern he has for

Buffy. The story also highlights the guilt Giles feels about

Jenny's death. It is a short, but well worth the read to look

into the mind of Giles."


Mystical Convergence Award  [Best Crossover]

Winner - I ven eden by pythia  (BtVS/ Lord of the Rings)

“I ven Eden is a really engaging crossover. We enjoyed the

classic premise of dropping characters from one world into

another, and how we got to see some perspective from Giles,

Buffy, and Halbarad, which showed the characters from both

series through new eyes in lovely ways. It’s clear the author is

very invested in the Tolkien universe. The setting, dialogue,

and descriptions felt very natural even with Buffy characters

where they shouldn’t be. Buffy and Giles were in-character and their interactions were realistic, and the way Tolkien characters and concepts were woven in gave fans of both series something enjoyable. The prophecy focusing on Giles was an interesting change of pace from what we usually see, dropped in with humor from Buffy and gravity from Halbarad. Overall a very enjoyable read that made us want to find the follow-up stories.”

Runner-up - But Not Forgotten by Vesica  (BtVS/Fire Fly)

“With candles, incense, and music, Inara creates a temple.

With metaphor, imagery, and melodic lines, Vesica creates a

sacred space, a place where two lonely people can forge a

connection that allows past friends and loves to be

remembered in peace.

The story starts in metaphorical darkness, with Inara “roaming,

… looking, searching for something in the black.” Inara’s past is

split into the chaotic “rough and tumble of Serentiy” and the

stifling, numbingly perfect prison walls of House Madrassa. In

a delightful twist, Vesica does not create a happy alternative

out of these two opposites but instead puts Inara in limbo, a new ship where her opportunities are bland at best. She only lights up when she receives the message from Rupert.

The author takes this unexpected pairing and really makes it work. Rupert is both charming and gallant, a side of him we saw far too little of in the series. It’s delightful that they each see people they miss from their own pasts in each other, and waiting until the end to reveal Rupert’s name is a fun touch.

The story ends in light, both real and metaphorical. Light, as compared to darkness, represents a space where both Inara and Rupert can be seen and can ultimately be honest. Their first encounters are in darkness. Rupert has her blow the candles out. It’s only after Rupert arrives bloody, itself a revelation, that they leave the candles lit. It’s in this lighted space that Rupert shares his past, stories of the friends he lost when he stepped through a portal, and that Inara shares that she has loved and lost.”

Hydra Award  [Best Multi-ASH]


Winner - Tea and Sandwiches by Neena  (BtVS/ Little Britain)

“Tea and Sandwiches: this is the second time our judges were

privileged to vote this story in as the winner for its category. So

much juicy characterization packed into such a short piece.

Fantastic drawing that final parallel between Sebastian and

Andrew's relationships to Tony Head's two characters.”




Runner-up - Tabloid Headlines by protoneoromantic  (Multi)
“Tabloid Headlines: how could the Headline Awards fail to

recognize a hydra with every single Tony Head! A fantastic

advertisement for the awards themselves, and a Herculean

effort to bring everyone and everything together in a single

universe that blurs not just the barriers between the different

story's worlds but the fourth wall as well.”