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The 2023 Headline Awards Winners


Video Awards
Another Hero Award  [Best Video]









Winner - Rupert Giles | BTVS | Line of Sight by Jessica Wilson
“This video has fantastic pacing of the clips along with the music, packed with so many emotional beats, we were smiling, and tearing up, and getting chills all at once. The technical prowess of the editor blends the sound from the show clips and the backing song perfectly, communicating the character’s journey throughout the entire show, during such a short and powerfully packed video. It really shows the pain and sacrifices Giles has endured because of his duty and his love for the others, but in a wonderful way it highlights how all of the other characters see Giles, depend on him, and love him in return. Amazing work!”







Runner-up - i can feel it | giles & jenny by hello serendipity

“This video is so cute and fun, it really captures the early promise of their relationship without getting bogged down in angst or tragedy. The music carries several delightful montages of the two characters being snippy, then flirty, then falling in love, all building up to kissing each other over and over. The editing is done in such a way that voiceovers like Snyder’s, originally and snidely about other characters, are clearly shown to apply to Giles and Jenny in an endearing way many times over. Very well done and would love to see more videos from this creator.”

Under Our Skin Award  [Fan Favorite Video]







Winner - Rupert Giles | BTVS | Line of Sight by Jessica Wilson









Runner-up - Giles Out of Context by TheScholarlyStrumpet

Art Awards
Owning My Mistakes Award  [Best Artwork]










Winner - Grave Giles by Poisonouschicken

“This has got to be one of the best artworks of ASH as Giles. Utterly blown away by it.  The detail of his face and hair really captures the character, even the background really puts you at the chaotic heart of the infamous scene.   “Uh Oh, Daddy’s home”.”



Runner-up - Giles in a library by flummoxedart

“This artist captures the character so well. Especially his hands.  For a character who is constantly eating, cleaning glasses, holding books etc, the artist really captures that aspect of the character in their artwork. An excellent study in the behavior of the character and they create their own scenes wonderfully.”

Angels in Many Guises Award [Fan Favorite Artwork]











Winner - Giles in a library by flummoxedart










Runner-up - Ripper from Chaos Bleeds by monsoonhazard



Fanfiction Awards

Watcher Watchers Award  [Best Gen Fic]










Winner - humble abode by ifonlyiwaswittier
“There is a wealth of fanfiction that delves into the dynamic of Giles and Buffy's relationship in later seasons, but it's rare that a writer tackles their season 1 relationship. This fic does exactly that, and it is an absolute gem. Giles is flabbergasted by how to handle the teenage charge that has been dropped into his life, and Buffy for her part also seems unsure how to interact with this not-quite-father-figure who has been saddled with the responsibility of training her. The resulting study of both characters is beyond endearing. It speaks to the "accidental child acquisition" trope that so many fanfiction readers adore while executing the idea in a fresh and delightful way.”

Runner-up - How Wars Are Won by TheScholarlyStrumpet

“Canon doesn't do season 7 Giles any favors, especially with his choice to betray Spike. This story gives us deep and believable insight into his state of mind during that infamous scene and allows us to see that he was truly doing what he thought was best for Buffy. The relationship between Slayer and Watcher that has grown tense over the years is expertly represented here in a way that makes the reader's heart ache for both of them and the circumstances that have brought them here.”

Twosome of Cuteness Award  [Best Romance]










Winner - Connected by RoselynnThornwood

“In the aftermath of Eyghon, we start with Giles’ heartbroken and contemplating the rift in his and Jenny's relationship. When they end up in the same place at the same time, we get to witness their reconciliation as Jenny teaches Giles how everything is connected through magic. Beautifully written, you can feel the desire that Jenny and Giles have for each other despite all that they've recently been through.”











Runner-up - (What’s a little pain) between friends by Melacka

“It’s fun to see these two oddly comfortable with each other in a morning-after scenario, considering their past. Ethan steps into an unusually domestic role to make them breakfast and it’s lovely seeing Giles let his guard down to enjoy the situation for what it is. Ethan has several charming, smarmy lines in this that won us over. The story has a healthy serving of flirtation and teasing between the two and we loved seeing the softer side of Giles and Ethan combined with the edginess from their canon relationship.”

Good Squirm Award  [Best Smut]











Winner - biological necessity by The_Eclectic_Bookworm

“A wonderfully written piece, watching Giles fall apart as he tries to fight the demon venom and the desires it caused. The tension builds until it erupts into a purely raw moment between Giles and Jenny as they figure out that they both have feelings for each other even without the influence of the venom.”










Runner-up - La Petite Mort by Ilovehowyouletmefall
“A rollercoaster of a story, starting with Jenny and Giles fighting for their lives with Angel, neither willing to leave without the other. The adrenaline culminates in a truly intimate moment, reminding themselves that they are alive and they are together. You can feel both their tension and their relief as they recover from their nightmarish night.”

Dark Age Award  [Best Dark]











Winner - Nattens Stillhet by Nooty

“The language in this story definitely evokes the spiraling, inescapable feeling of deep depression and obsessive regret. We see the typically logical, practical Giles who only cares about the needs of others irrevocably cracking and falling away in his weakest moments, leaving a bitter, broken man at the end of his rope. When Giles loses control alone, harming himself and desperate for his life to be over (if it can’t be different) in a way we rarely if ever see in the show, it’s devastating to read and will stick with the reader for a long time.”











Runner-up - Gone by Witchee_writer

“It’s wistful and tragic seeing Ethan magically projecting himself and Rupert into the space they once shared together to see him one last time. The decades of problems between them are put aside for Ethan’s dying moments, where almost no one will know his heroic last acts. The author ensured we can feel the love Ethan has for Rupert under the antagonism he’s always displayed. Afterward, we see Giles’ love in return as he goes through denial and carries on as normal through his shock and grief, which felt true to how the character would act, putting aside his own feelings to focus on Buffy and the mission. This story functions well as part of the comics-universe canon or can be read as a post-show standalone.”

The You Were the One I Loved Award (Fan Favorite Giles Story)











Winner - What You Make by The_Eclectic_Bookworm 











Runner-up - Going to Bed by The_Eclectic_Bookworm

Other Characters
Best Thing Since Rainbows Award  [Best Gen Fic]











Winner - New team bonding traditions by Impatientseamstress

“I never thought I'd read a Rupert Mannion- centered fic that would leave me feeling good, but Impatientseamstress has managed to create what I had previously deemed impossible. This writer clearly has a love for the canon, as their characterization of everyone from Moe to Ted to the aforementioned slimy villain is absolutely spot-on. They get into Rupert's head and nail that haughty man-of-privilege attitude that makes us love to hate him so much, and the result is a delightful read that truly captures the spirit of what *Ted Lasso* is all about-- even when Richmond is being mean, they're loveable nonetheless. And who doesn't love to see Rupert Mannion get the passive-aggressive comeuppance he deserves?”











Runner-up - proffer to displace by knapp_shappeys

“This story has lovely prose and engaging descriptions which elevates what we get from the original audio format. It takes a relatively small plot point from the canon and fleshes out a backstory full of the reasons and relationships that led to Herc’s decision concerning Zurich. Herc and Linda’s relationship is unique and nuanced. His care for her in her moments of need and the way her ambitions influence his decision is very moving. It’s clear the author has a real love for these characters and also put a lot of effort into being knowledgeable about the airline industry to write this.”

Imagine You and Me Award  [Best Romance]










Winner - The Necromancer by Ryne

“Though told from Nimueh's point of view, this story beautifully captures the turmoil in Uther's heart at the loss of his wife. He forces Nimueh's hand to do his bidding with a brutal rage only a king can command, and yet we're so clearly given the insight into the grief that drives him that it is impossible not to look on him with sympathy. In fewer than two thousand words, we're given despair and hope and despair again written with heartbreaking grace.”










Runner-up - adrift in space, or whatever by timeladyleo

“A beautifully written piece that highlights the relationship between Herc and Carolyn. The right touch of humor as Carolyn teasingly sets Herc up to face his fears under the guise of a visit to a vineyard.”

Gold Blend Award  [Best Smut]











Winner - Anatomy 101 by RoselynnThornwood

“This is a really fun and unique premise, dancer Marni learning anatomy from med student Nathan through putting her own body on the line. The action is slow, tantalizing, and dangerous as he slices the body parts she can’t identify correctly, working his way through her bones and muscle groups toward parts she would very much miss if she got it wrong. Though this takes place before the canon you can definitely see an early darkness manifesting in Nathan as we would come to know him, which was entirely let loose when he lost Marni.”










Runner-up - In Anticipation Of by Unsentimentalf

“The pace is slow and uncertain between Herc and Douglas, the power dynamic shifting at a moment’s notice, which lends itself to the payoff being satisfying. You’re never really sure who’s playing who. There is humor throughout while maintaining the sexy nature of the fic, with a side helping of occasional fear from Herc, which is impressive in its own right.”

The May the Best Man Win Award  (Fan Favorite Other Character Story)










Winner - New team bonding traditions by Impatientseamstress









Runner-up The Necromancer by Ryne

Additional Fiction
Little British Award  [Best Short]










Winner - little wooly baa lambs by timeladyleo

“Such a perfect English love. Even with a joke gone too far, Herc's love shows through. He would hold her hand and follow Carolyn anywhere.   Thank you for showing us the quiet side of the love of Herc and Carolyn.”








Runner-up - Wrecked Again by Ynyseira

“In only 100 words you raise Giles up to the clouds only to dash him to the earth.  Only a second of bliss for the poor watcher.  Thank you for giving it to him. And to us.”

Epic Award  [Best Series/Long-fic]










Winner - Nocturne by RoselynnThornwood and The_Eclectic_Bookworm

“Nocturne meaning is and they weren’t kidding when naming this fic. This is an incredible fic that covers not only the Buffy verse but the original Vampire story - Dracula.  Both writers did an amazing job writing across both worlds, convincingly weaving them together without losing the key facets of what makes each one recognizable. Some really amazing key snippets are dropped into the story which make it a fascinating read.  The sensory, mouth-watering writing of Stoker was captured really well.  Though, don’t be put off if you haven’t yet read Dracula.

Setting the story to “The Wish” verse was a great choice, allowing for the cross-over and this plot to play out convincingly. The structure followed Stoker’s novel, so it is in journal/correspondence format throughout. It may have been better for the story to shift out of that once the story is brought back to the Buffy Verse but it is still an amazing read.  Lead and supporting characters are incredibly well written. Oz was great for instance.

It is a nerve-wracking fic throughout and you honestly find it unnerving the more you read. It is dark, sad and morbid - which is true to both Verse’.  This series just gets better and better. The layering of the Buffy plot and storylines come to the fore as the story progresses, each element being cleverly interlaced and rewritten.  There is a comparison between “traditional”/Buffyverse vampires and Dracula-spawned vampires which demonstrates the really simple but clever way the two worlds collide and meld.

The writers also add more depth behind their concept with knowledge of the wider Buffyverse (comics, novels & games), giving us an entirely different take on the idea of a Vampiric Giles. This is certainly hands down a far better & exciting version than the official Buffy stories that were published.

This fic is the epitome of “good squirm”.”


Runner-up - I Got You Babe by Skyson

“This year’s runner up was such a close second it was a hard choice to make.  I Got You Babe is reminiscent of the classic Love film we all know and love. Not strictly a song-fic, this fic has its own soundtrack that “plays” thought out and sets the tone.

Set post series, the writer allows us to venture down a familiar path that we all enjoy losing ourselves in. It’s an affectionate fic. Not just for the buffy/Giles relationship, but also between the other characters.  It’s a slow burn fic which feels natural. You believe the characters are truly in love and are under no rush. It’s frustrating but in such a good way.

The fic places the characters in different circumstances post-show, therefore they are similar but different to the characters from canon, but still with their quirks. The writer confidently does this and demonstrates their knowledge of the show’s characters. The more you read the fic, the more you begin to realize that the fic is centered around Buffy’s development and her reaching maturity and it follows the change she makes into the woman she becomes.

What makes this fic a breath of fresh air is instead of dramatic or extenuating circumstances acting as a catalyst, the characters come together naturally and without pressure. That doesn’t make this fic any less sexy; the desire they feel for each other makes for an intense compilation of love scenes, but the writer doesn’t rush.

The story works through at its own pace and takes the time to cleverly place us back in the Sunnydale we all remember. There’s even a little callback to Giles’ original wardrobe. So, though it is an alternate future storyline, it is reassuringly reminiscent.

It gives us everything we want, including a final chapter that gives us a happy ever after.”

Behind Green Eyes Award [Best Characterization]











Winner - proffer to displace by knapp_shappeys  (Herc Shipwright)

“Meeting up with Herc as Air Caledonian is in talks of a merger with Swiss Airways. We follow Herc's history with Air Caledonian and watch Herc battle with the idea of uncertainty as the layoffs and reassignments begin, and we get to ride the rollercoaster as Herc realizes he's made the cut and then is immediately brought crashing down when he gets the call from Linda that she hasn't.”









Runner-up - A Perilous Path by archaeologist_d  (Uther Pendragon)

“In this we see a younger more confident Uther with a raw desire to conquer all. He has proven himself the strongest fighter and he will leave a lasting legacy no matter the cost. Truly capturing his arrogance as he believes the sacrifice to have a son will be of no consequence to him as he pictures his perfect life as King. All the more tragic that we as the audience know what fate awaits him.”

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