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Nominations Jan. 1st - Jan. 20th
Judging/Voting Jan. 21st - Feb. 19th
Winners Announced Feb. 20th


The Headline Awards are in no way affiliated with Anthony Stewart Head or any of his projects. This is a non-profit fan event, created and run by fans, in order to share and celebrate the talent in this fandom and does not generate revenue of any kind. All recognizable characters and worlds belong to their respective owners. All original characters and plots remain the property of their individual authors.

General Rules

1. Nominators must provide an active email address.
2. There is no limit on the number of nominations we accept.  (May be changed according to the number of judges.)
3. Self-nominations are allowed. Don’t be shy. 
4. Each author may have two story entries per fiction category. However, each story in a single category must be nominated by a different person. 
5. Each artist and vidder may have two entries in each art and video category.
6. There is no limit on when each nominated work was originally posted. Everything, old and new, is welcome.  (Specific category rules may over-ride.)
7. Appropriate ratings and warnings must be displayed on each work for the benefit of our judges and readers.
8. All nominated works must be publicly accessible. If we can’t view it, we can’t judge it.
Password: No password this year.
10. Award administrators have the right to alter categories as needed. For example, if one character takes over the ‘Other Characters’ category we can create a separate category for him, or categories with too few entries may be consolidated. 
11. Award administrators have the right to alter these rules for upcoming years.
12. All award administrators and judges may be nominated for any award.
13. Judges and administrators may cast a vote in the Fan Pick categories.
14. Voting for the Fan Pick awards will open at the end of the nomination period.
15. Any work that has previously won a category cannot be nominated again in the same category. Please check our Past Winners page.

Category Rules

16. Nominations for specific characters must be placed in their designated categories. For now, this only applies to Giles. All other characters must go into the ’Other Characters’ categories.
17. Fics may be entered in all categories that apply to them.
18. Although all series’ must be nominated in the Long-fic category (Epic Award), single stories from a series can be nominated in other, appropriate, categories. Please note that judges for these categories are unlikely to read the series, so these stories should be able to stand alone.
19. All crossovers are welcome. Be aware, however, that our judges might not be familiar with every crossover world and character.
20. Crossovers may be entered in the categories: Best Crossover, Best Multiple ASH-based Character, Best Short Fic, Best Long Fic, and Best Characterization.
21. There is no specific AU category. AU stories are welcome in any category that applies to them.
22. Any ship is welcome in every category except for Gen-Fic.
23. WIPs are permitted in all relevant categories. Please use your discretion, however, as stories that are not far enough along to engage the judges are not likely be awarded.

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